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Vehicle Barriers

Providing Everything You Need

HySecurity StrongArm M30™

Introducing our CRASH CERTIFIED gate operator - the ultimate solution for industrial, government, and military security needs. With its anti-ram crash barrier arm, it provides unmatched user safety and reliability. Trust us to provide the hardened security you need

HySecurity HydraWedge SM50

HydraWedge SM50 is the ultimate solution for high security sites worldwide. With its proven reliability and unparalleled performance, this shallow mount vehicle wedge barrier boasts the toughest domestic and international Crash Certifications. You can trust HydraWedge SM50 to provide high performance and uninterrupted security at a fraction of competitive system installation and maintenance expense.


Traffic Control Operator

Great choice! Gate barrier arms are indeed an effective solution for managing traffic flow. Our team specializes in installing a variety of control operators to suit your specific needs. Let us help you enhance your entry points today.

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